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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How come all Republican deficit reduction plans involve the middle class and poor doing all the sacrifice?

In short, they don't. None of them do.
First, let's be clear. ONLY Republicans have ever offered any deficit reduction plan. Each and every so-called deficit reduction plan offered by any Democrat calls for INCREASE of the debt, merely featuring a few years in which the rate of increase is slowed. The LAST deficit reduction we had was under Bush with a GOP Congress. Deficits fell to less than 1/10 of what they are now and we were on track to SURPLUS in one or two more years.
Now, on to who bears the burden of GOP plans. No one's proposing anything that hasn't already been done in the U.S. or elsewhere so we already know their tax simplification with lower and flatter rates and decentralization of bloated Federal bureaucracies WILL yield results such as:
  • Increased federal tax revenues with reduction of the federal deficit
  • Increased business growth rate
  • A larger share of total national income going to bottom earners
  • Higher real per-capita income
  • Improved upward mobility
  • Expansion of black employment in professional and managerial jobs
  • Statistically full employment
  • Top earners paying a larger share of total taxes
  • Low inflation
  • Higher wages
  • More minority-owned businesses
  • Less poverty
So yeah. Evidently those are prices the Democrats just aren't willing to pay.

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