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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why don't Republicans want to extend the payroll tax cuts for the poor & Middle Class?

They haven't taken any such position.
The "payroll tax cuts" have exactly three effects:
> An increase in your take-home pay that OBAMA says is too small for you to notice. Admit it: until it became "news" that its renewal was in doubt, you didn't even know about it.
> For every "extra" buck in your paycheck, many times more will be left out of your future SS payout - if the program is still there when you retire - leading to the third effect:
> It accelerates the collapse of the program.

You see, that "payroll tax" is the only thing funding the SS program and literally 100% of Congressional DEMOCRATS admitted SS is doomed to catastrophic collapse - soon - unless fundamental changes are made. Let me emphasize: that's fundamental changes, not "adjustments."
So, given a program that's already running in the red, de-funding it for NO noticeable benefit to anyone seems a little silly. That's why the GOP says those contributions to your retirement account have to be replaced with something and ought not simply be cut as Democrats demand.

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