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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm not religious. Why should I care about Easter?

How about for the history?
We immortalize lots of events and people where the powerful were defied by a hopeless minority. Think Balaclava, Thermopylae and such.
Wondering how this applies to Easter? Then you're really not familiar with the story. We can attach very different meanings to the events depending on our religious beliefs or lack thereof but the Histories of all of the principle cultures of the area agree on the broad strokes. The Easter story, stripped of its supernatural trappings is still quite impressive. Check it out.
Man, God or whatever, Jesus of Nazareth was seen by his growing band of followers as the rightful successor, heir-apparent to the Davidic throne of Israel/Judea. He was greeted as a liberator upon arriving in Jerusalem and willingly went into the hands of the enemy to be tortured. Did he do this to free of of our sins? Did he expect divine intervention to rescue him and his movement against the Romans? We can disagree and debate points like that endlessly, but whether Earthly or Divine, for Israel or for all mankind, he had "outs" available but faced the scourge willingly for his people. The result, what he had in mind or otherwise, is so significant that most of the World divides the calendar by his life.
How are you going to ignore that?

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