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Saturday, May 5, 2012

So is fascism basically going too far right while communism is going too far left?

Not even close.
In Socialist circles, "right-wing" socialism included keeping separate national identities and preserving one's own Socialist nation-state. This was called "Fabian Socialism, Fascism, Nazism or Progressivism" depending on what country you were in.
In Socialist circles, "left wing" socialism included global revolution and elimination of nation-states. This was called "Communism."

When and because "Hitler" became a dirty word here, our "Progressives" needed to distance themselves from - well - from themselves, really. They re-named themselves "liberals" because back then, that's what we called the Founding Fathers and the Progressives really needed to do their best to make people think they didn't hate America.
Also, seizing on the Socialist "left-right" dichotomy, they propagated the LIE that Hitler and Mussolini were "right wing" in the American sense even though they had themselves very recently embraced both of those men as heroes of the left-wing movement. After all, both Hitler and Mussolini had simply copied the American Progressives' agenda, making small adjustments to suit their respective countries.

So, what ever happened to the "Progressives" you ask? Literally 100% of their agenda - the same agenda ever so slightly modified by Hitler and Mussolini - is now advanced by each and every living elected Democrat. Aside from details relating to time and place, and that many of them also embrace elimination of the American nation-state, today's Democrat caucus is wholly identical to the Fascists and Nazis. All of them - no exceptions.

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